traditional weds digitalTraditional Versus Digital Advertising is now Traditional Weds Digital.

Thanks to the new developments in the recent past that this traditional debate seems to be finding its shape. Advertising veterans always defended that Digital Advertising is an extension of Traditional where in the Digital world kept claiming for their separate entity..

The truth is, neither Traditional nor Digital can live without each other. Hence it is not versus but wedded. Principles remain same. Rules have changed.

Before we come to the new trend that is celebrating this relationship, it is important to state where Digital got stuck. It started claiming its ground about a decade ago on the basis of ROI. Return on Investment. Our experience of Marketing & Media i.e. minus of Advertising conclude that there’s nothing called an ROI when it comes to creativity. And guess what, even Digital agencies started moving away from promising Cost per Lead & Cost per Conversion models. As the Digital world gained maturity, all ROI campaigns turned into innovative or creative campaigns. Here, innovation is referred with Media and creativity to Advertising.

On the other hand, when 30 second commercials became the ‘Me Too’ solution for reaching the masses, the job was just getting done enough for many brands to sustain. After all, cracking a great 30 seconder every time with limited resources and unlimited parameters is not much practical. Creativity in content went missing..

Long format films, thanks to the new age media, came in as the savior for industry at large. Internationally the format picked up pretty early in 2010’s, and Indians were not late in backing it up with Google Reunion in 2013, Fortune Oil in 2014 and Wagh Bakri in 2015 (to name a few) have proved that Long format is here to stay..

Here’s our favorite pick. Selected from the best. Hope you would enjoy this Thai Commercial.

my dad is a liar:

Vouched by even the most sought after filmmakers, this format has genuinely celebrated the love triangle between Creativity, Brands and the Consumer by helping the consumer connect with their hidden emotions and express them to the world through beautiful story telling.

Brands can use these long formats in many ways but have largely used them in two ways. Some left the films with just the final branding, where the brand remains as a thinker & storyteller and some have used them to tell brand stories in a branded manner..

The larger point is that the new age media has truly empowered everyone including the audience. And why not. When good ideas do not get the right platform, the platforms are bound to get replaced. But not the goodness.