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Strategy can be seen as something that takes the risk away from experimentation and lays a solid foundation for creativity to prosper.

strategy. an indispensable option.

Brands choose what they feel is best communication for them but in reality their communication is a choice for a consumer amidst million other pieces. Spending a little more time, energy and money to unearth the power of strategic creativity only help brands realise their potential by breaking their Paradigms. And the numbers are bound to follow.

obviously we know it.

In advertising we often forget, how differentiated are we when we want our customers to listen in. We are one in a million pieces that happen in our consumer's life. Many of the advertising is done believing that whosoever is in the purchase cycle of the category, will come to the brand because the share of voice is already there - in XYZ media.

going beyond foreplay.

It partly works for new launches and established FMCG brands like Colgate. But the moment communication goes off air, the game gets over. With every campaign or advertising period, usually advertising would struggle again to crack something right but the consumer will never struggle to remember the brands last campaign. Look at Strategy from the point of view that it provides wings to brands for remaining in the game for long by making it evolve from one stage to the other and then to another and so on.

this position or that?

Strategic planning remains at the core of our communication campaigns, which means we dive deeper for gauging consumer nuances, brand truths, category & competitive conventions for unearthing differentiated, relevant and impactful positioning. It is a science & art of its own and our rich experience into advertising & media helps us decode & discover the very best positions for you.

nailing it.

If you have a clear brief, then we can help sharpen it or correct it. We can also work on it if you would want us to. We have hands on ground level experience for directing brand arrows to targets, and know how to hit the nail right in the head.