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Social Media Marketing

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

45% of Consumer Marketers listed Social media marketing as their top priority. It is a great mix of content marketing opportunity and paid advertising opportunity.

The spends have gone up to be between 9% and 13% of a marketing budget.

A consumer may look at your Facebook page to see what other customers’ experiences are and might subscribe to your Twitter handle for real-time updates and content. Assessing your followers, understanding their interests and what works with them helps craft content that will be liked, commented on, and shared.

what to expect.

  • 1. Audience Development: build an audience of followers, connections, and subscribers. These indicate awareness.
  • 2. Engagement: Beyond awareness, engagement looks at how consumers interact with your content. Are they liking, commenting or clicking through to your website?
  • 3. Content Amplification: This occurs when your networks take your content and pass it on. Measure shares, retweets etc. You can also amplify using hashtags and attaching your content to a larger trend.
  • 4. Conversions and Revenue: Coupon distribution, trial deals, or special promotions are great ways to drive and measure conversions through social channels.

best practices.

Your brand should be consistent, and your voice should be familiar and credible. As with all of your marketing efforts, social media is an investment.

  • 1. Focus on platforms that work best for you.
  • 2. Set goals for each network. For e.g. LinkedIn might be best for recruitment and highlighting the corporate culture, while Facebook might help customer acquisition and Twitter might help in news distribution, complaints and feedback.
  • 3. Think like a publisher. This is most important of all. Provide followers with content of substance rather than making them feel like you’re marketing to them.
  • 4. Track your competitors and their efforts.

budget considerations.

Please do not treat it as FREE. Only their access is free. Content development and distribution of social media posts requires a team. Amplifying your presence with social media advertising and sponsored posts requires media spending. Tools used for listening, content distribution, and analytics are an important investment too.