Keywords Advertising

The most common and well-known form of PPC advertising is of Keywords. Your ads appear on Google SERPs (Search engine results page) and if you want, you can extend your targeting to include “search partners” i.e. a group of smaller search engines.

These are robust and allow you to include extensions with additional links, phone numbers and addresses. These connect advertisers to consumers who are actively looking for their products. Search campaigns typically drive more conversions than display campaigns.

You should be running a Search Network campaign if:

  • You have a Small budget: When the budgets are small, we recommend starting with the Search Network. This format is more likely to drive direct conversions. After a point in time, it is advisable to include the Display Network. Display will boost visibility and lead to an increase in search volume for your business.
  • When yours is an Emergency product: If your product or service is required in short notice period like that of professionals, movers and packers etc you should be advertising on the Search Network. In such cases,, it is important that your ad appears when the searcher is in need of your service.