Display Advertising

It is the most powerful way to grab attention of your online audience, differentiate your brand and make your position clear. Wide range of targeting options and ad formats allow you to create compelling campaigns that build awareness and engagement, as well as boost leads and revenue.

There are variety of sites across the internet ranging from blogs to news sites to even YouTube that come under Google Display Network (GDN). According to Google, the GDN includes over 2 million websites that reach over 90% of global internet users. With this alone, you can significantly expand your online presence.

The challenge or the art is in creating ads that will make audience leave the content they were engaged with and click through to your site. All this is possible through strategic placements and good creative campaigns.GDN also helps in increasing clicks on organic listings and brand-specific searches. As you would find an increase in Branded keywords the cost of PPC will also go down. The game is more complex than it initially sounds.

You should be running a Display Network campaign if:

  • the objective is brand awareness: the expanse of GDN provides many opportunities to brands to connect with their audiences.There are a variety of targeting options, to avoid shooting in the dark. For e.g. specific sites can be selected, website groupings can be done basis the audience characteristics etc.
  • Where sales process takes time: If a product is not likely to be purchased immediately, then the brand must remain top-of-mind for its prospects. And Remarketing through GDN is a great tool for this. This strategy will show ads to those who have visited your website in the past, encouraging them to return and convert. While it sounds easy, the challenge lies in the way it is done.
  • For great products: Image ads can uplift the image of brands if the imagery is as great as the product. We sometimes call Display advertising as Distraction advertising, hence appealing products with appealing imagery get noticed easily.
  • Films & Video: Video advertising potential is huge. YouTube attracts an upwards of 1 billion views per day. All of us like engaging video content more than text or image ads. Google’s TrueView option, empowers you to pay for only serious viewers.

Native Advertising

These are incorporated into the flow of editorial content.

Innovative Formats

Rich media ads can come with a higher CPM but often attract a higher click-through rate and allow for more creativity. Good for call to action.

Large Formats

Expandable units such as mastheads, double multi-purpose units (MPUs) and page takeovers. These ads are high on impact low on budget. And many people do not that these can have low CPM.

Mobile Advertising

Run campaigns across a range of mobile media. From PPC to mobile search, network display to premium display, social media to rich media.

Film / Video Advertising

With 59% year-on-year growth mobile video advertising has become the fastest-growing digital ad format. Formats range from pre-roll to mid-roll ads served against video content, from in-banner video to richer formats with multiple engagement points within the ad unit.

Our Films team comes with best in class experience and we can do re-editing of video content for YouTube and Google Display. We are pioneer and industry leaders in visual content creation.