digital marketing is a journey

Digital is a journey of discovery where all learnings from the past campaigns can only forecast numbers on books. But on actual, it always will have to be done, tested and improved.

Our role as an agency is to manage it using all our learnings and technical knowledge to take the brand to next levels. Strategise, Implement and Optimise.

Once we’ve defined your objectives, strategy is created to help meet your targets. We then work with you to define your audience targeting criteria and get to work on creating ads that have impact.

For example there are many ways to do targeting on GDN. We help brands do very specific targeting and to only relevant audiences. Following are some of the targeting methods that will sharpen your Strategy.

  • Contextual – target pages that have specific keywords that are relevant to you
  • Placement – target specific websites or pages
  • In-market audience and Interest categories – target users based on their recent search and web browsing activities
  • Topics and Demographics – based on the information gathered by Google from its users
  • Mobile Apps – target applications that allow ads
  • Remarketing – target users who have previously interacted with your website to encourage them to return

Here’s another part for creating a great Strategy. Target user’s basis different stages of the buying cycle by putting them into the start or middle or end of your conversion funnel and create creative campaigns accordingly. Learn and improvise at each stage as much as you can but do give some time for anything to show proper results. This is a journey of Fun. Wishing you a Happy Journey from all of us at Vox360.